Monday, August 25, 2008

True Confessions

I want to say that I have been doing this for years and that "Fiber is my life!" but that would not be true. I am fairly new to fiber arts and needle craft, and for some odd reason, I am having success.
I think because I am trained as a studio artist and and professional printer, that I have some sense of handmade items. To see my prints, please visit me at My artist statement is there. My life to this point has been works on paper. I still really love that aspect of creating, but after having graduated with my MFA, and left the University of Iowa, I no longer have access to a press. (temporarily, I hope) So I have turned to fiber.
Specifically I am needle felting. It is fun and therapeutic, and has become a little online business. See for more on that. I won't try to sell you here at my blog.